Pithecantropus Blepotaenus

Red roses fly over the window
Nyangkut in the genteng of my house
Like this tears, like the rain over the sky
My ingus drop in my lips… Asin
Make becek the road at the small town
Come on closer to me
Let’s make a beautiful story
Come on closer to me
I’ll give you the red roses to keep
Dear Markijem…
Remember, life is changing now
Don’t you Galau only
It’s makes you ugly
Remember, life is changing again
But nevermind your smile is still the greatest view for me


5 responses to “Pithecantropus Blepotaenus

  1. mantaabs…;-)

    ay lop you so..
    with sayur asem and fish asin
    jangan forget with sambaal
    its a good komplikasi

    **top markoprut**


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